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Council of Architecture and AICTE
Dwarka, New Delhi, India
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University,
In the evolutionary process of human development, architecture, art and science have become a catalytic force to the development, what we call as civilization.

The history of Indian Architecture, as a part of civilization, is one of the oldest. The evolution of architecture has its deep roots in the faiths and believes of the Indian subcontinent people. The knowledge of cosmic- solar and natural environments, the geographical understandings of the same has finally emerged as a practical science of architecture known as “VASTUSHASTRA” that is typically Indian.
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The introduction of variety of building materials coupled with their ability to support a particular form and size of a building has added to the wealth of the knowledge that Indians already possessed.

With expanding global economies, rising incomes, mass migration of people from rural to urban areas as a result of mass transport systems available, the demand on architecture has increased manifolds.

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